Best School Tablets

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tablets are the must-have consumer electronics product on the market. Jim Barry, Digital Answer Man for the Consumer Electronics Association, showcases the various types of tablets available and helps you pick out the perfect one for your needs!

    Jim Barry: Hi! I am Jim Barry the Consumer Electronic Association's digital answer man with some Touchscreen Tablet Computers, great choices to use when you are going back to school.

    Touchscreen Tablets are one of the hottest consumer electronic products in the history. We are going to buy twice as many this year, as we did last year, lead by the success last year of the iPad, 10 inch screen, now have the iPad2, which includes the cameras that just about all of the new Touchscreen Tablets include. You have a couple of choices of both operating systems and screen sizes. The 10 inch iPad, you also have the 10 inch Xoom from Motorola; that's Xoom with an X that uses the newest version, 3.

    0, also known as Honeycomb of the Android Operating System, also has those cameras front and back.

    If you want a smaller screen size, the Samsung Galaxy tab is a 7 inch screen, some folks prefer that size, it's between a smart phone and the 10 inch tablet, also uses Android. Then you have the new Kyros from Coby, also a 7 inch screen and this one is lowering the price range on Touchscreen Tablets, these starts under $200. So you have also the new from RIM, the BlackBerry folks. You have got the Playbook. The Playbook is a 7 inch Touchscreen Tablet that also can be synchronized using Bluetooth wireless with your smart phone, with your BlackBerry smart phone, and use all the contacts and the information you have on there, and also use it on the bigger screen. So you have different sizes, you have different operating systems, you have lots of apps, as well as watching movies, getting on the internet, playing games, reading books, all of those things with Touchscreen Tablets, lots of choices, starting under $200, going up to about $700 or $800. Head out to the stores or head online, and check out your choices in tablet computers.

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