Best Train Rides In America

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Amanda Lukoff: Peer out of the windows of a railroad coach for world class views that other modes of transportation just can't offer. At Away.

    com, we've picked some of the world's best train rides that make the vacation all about the journey.

    VIA Rail's Canadian carves a beautiful path through the middle of The Canadian Rockies. You'll think you've been transported to the Swiss Alps as you pass by snowcapped peaks, virgin wilderness and crystal clear lakes. More than 100,000 travelers take this ride of luxury and comfort form Toronto to Vancouver each year.

    Rather than driving the California Coast, take Amtrak's Coast Starlight which travels form Seattle to Las Angles. You'll be able to take your hands of the wheel and your eyes off the road as you pass through some of the greatest cities on the West Coast. And in between, you'll experience the breathtaking views of the Pacific Coastline and the Cascade Mountains.

    Switzerland's Glacier Express is one of the most famous train rides in the world. This seven hours journey through the heart of Southern Swiss Alps will take you through 91 tunnels and over 291 bridges during your time aboard. Everything about this trip is glamorous from the big mountain landscapes to the storybook villages.

    So, enjoy the postcard-perfect views of spectacular landscapes as you chug along on one of these wonderful train rides.