Best U.S. Vacations

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    US News Travel rank their top three vacations in the United States.

    Julie Epstein: With the state of today's economy, many Americans are cutting back on expensive trips abroad in favor of vacationing right here in the good old USA. For everyone planning an American vacation this year, we've ranked our favorite US vacation destinations. Number three on this year's list is San Diego. This scenic coastal city offers well-rounded tourist attractions, that in short families, couples, and singles will experience a world-class vacation. Mission and Pacific Beach are always crowd-pleasers and the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld offer a good time for all ages. The city also sports a vibrant dining and nightlife scene. Number two on our list is Washington D.

    C. The nation's capital sees millions of visitors a year for good reason. This historic city is brimming with memorials, monuments, and museums, enough for days or even weeks of sightseeing. Take advantage of D.


    's public transportation system and save some energy for the city's growing, dining and nightlife scenes. On top of our list is San Francisco. With spectacular scenery and the reputation as one of the world's bohemian capitals, the city by the bay offers a nonstop selection of activities. Whether it's antiquing in Chinatown, riding a trolley to the waterfront, or touring the iconic landmarks, tourists are sure to find their perfect way to enjoy their stay. To see more top US vacations, check out the complete listing at travel.