Beyonce Wins Again

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    The Queen B proves she’s still in charge selling 500,000 albums within the first 48 hours of her surprise release.

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    Queen B has proven she’s still the hottest in the game.


    So how did Beyonce do with that whole surprise album release thing.  Turns out pretty well.  According to reports, the diva ended up selling 500,000 albums after only 48 hours , which is beyond impressive.  But a breakdown of some of the other numbers are just as staggering.  After 3 hours of the album being available, 80,000 albums were snatched up, after 24 hours 430,000 copies had been sold.  Experts are saying that Bay will continue to sale and some predict another 100k copies of the album could be bought within the first week.  They’re also saying that the release got more tweets per minute than Sharknado did, which is a lot considering that Sharknado pulled 5,000 tweets per minute.  All in all Beyonce can do no wrong and everything she touches turns to gold!


    So Beyonce can you share you secret to success with the rest of us?


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