Beyond Running: 4 Surprising Ways to Shred It on a Treadmill

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    If you think the treadmill is just for running and walking, think again! You can take a walk with your hands or put your mountain climbers on the moving belt for an entirely new challenge. Watch this video to learn unique moves from Equinox’s popular Shred and Tread classes to strength train using the machine. We promise, you will never look at the treadmill the same way again.

    Anna Renderer: Are you ready to take your treadmill workout to the next level? We are here at Equinox West LA with trainer Nina Moore, who is going to show us her four shredmill moves.

    All right! So Nina, I am excited for this treadmill workout, how do we start?

    Nina Moore: All right! We are going to start with your plank position, so we are going to put you on the box. So Anna is going to stand on the plyo box, to just kind of keep her body in a little better position. She is going to start straddling the treadmill itself. So we are going to talk about her being in a nice neutral position here with her hips.

    So what's important here is that from her shoulders to her hips we have pretty much a straight line. And then she is just going to start to walk on her hands on the treadmill.

    Anna Renderer: And this is very slow, right Nina, how fast are we going?

    Nina Moore: This is very slow. The treadmill is set at 1.

    0 miles per hour.

    Anna Renderer: 1.


    Nina Moore: And the goal is to do this for about a minute. Anna Renderer: You have to really keep your abs tight, not to let your hips drop here.

    Nina Moore: Correct! Anna Renderer: Oh yeah. This is working those small muscles up to the shoulders.

    Nina Moore: Absolutely!

    Anna Renderer: And my core.

    Nina Moore: Absolutely! Lots of shoulder stability work going on here, and absolutely, her hips and her glutes are also firing as she is trying to keep her body from moving side to side.

    So our next movement is a Reverse Mountain Climber on the treadmill. So we are going to put Anna on the treadmill, in a plank position, and we are going to make sure that her body is in a neutral position. So her hips are at level, her shoulders are stacked over her wrist, and once she is stable and ready, we are going to start the treadmill at 1.

    0 miles per hour.

    Anna Renderer: Okay. Now, that's very slow, so that's important.

    Nina Moore: Right! And what's important is that you take your time at this movement and make sure that you understand the direction that your feet are going to move on the treadmill.

    Anna Renderer: So you really have to kind of pick your hips up and drive those knees in to stay supported by those abs?

    Nina Moore: That is correct!

    Anna Renderer: This is a total body exercise, Nina.

    Nina Moore: So our next move is the Crab Crawl. You ready?

    Anna Renderer: Crab Crawl, sounds intense.

    Nina Moore: All right! So we are going to put Anna in the right position on the treadmill, so she will kind of start straddling the treadmill belt with her hands. All right! Hips are up nice and tall, abs are engaged, shoulders are pulled back, and she is going to start to walk her hands on the treadmill.

    Anna Renderer: Abs tight. And keeping those hands under the shoulders really help stabilize the upper body.

    Nina Moore: Really important here to keep your hips lifted, gets to be a little bit of a challenge; the longer you are on the treadmill, the harder this becomes.

    Anna Renderer: I am feeling this through my triceps, shoulders and my butt.

    Nina Moore: Great! You are doing a great job.

    So we are going to have Anna start at an incline of 12.

    0. Now, she is a conditioned athlete, so you want to adjust the incline and the speed to your level of ability. She is going start straddling the treadmill and then we are going to have her jump on and just start sprinting for 30 seconds.

    Anna Renderer: Okay, so I am holding on before I let go. I am going to get on the treadmill first.

    Nina Moore: Good! What's important here is that she drives her knees up, keeps her torso upright, keeps her arms, driving the movement. So she is going to do that for about 30 seconds.

    Anna Renderer: And I stay on the balls of my feet here to keep that power going forward.

    Nina Moore: You are on the balls of your feet.

    Anna Renderer: It's important to keep the stride a little shorter, right, so that I can keep my back safe. 30 seconds.

    Nina Moore: Absolutely! You are there.

    Anna Renderer: And then how long is my break?

    Nina Moore: 20 seconds of recovery and she is jumping back on the treadmill.

    Anna Renderer: 20 seconds. Thank you so much Nina! That was a shredmill workout I will not forget!

    Nina Moore: Thank you for stopping by at Equinox at West LA and remember your treadmill can be used for many things other than just running.

    Anna Renderer: Absolutely! You saw that. We will see you next time on FitSugarTV.