Bike Polo Takes New York City By Storm

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bike polo enthusiasts in New York play hardcore matches but work together to create regional rules.

    Stephen Digges: Hardcourt Bike Polo is our generation's reinvention of an old sport and has been gaining momentum in the cycling world in recent years.

    The most dedicated bike polo enthusiasts force their own equipment and customize their bikes.

    Steve-Z: All of us ride pretty much front brake only. Most of us have a wheel cover on the front or 48-spoke wheels, which just keeps the ball from going through the wheel.

    I have a flip-flop hub, it's 22 on one side and 18 on the other, gives me two different gearings. The 22 is for polo's and get a much faster pace when you are on the court.

    Stephen Digges: New York City holds the most famous venue known to bike polo players from around the world.

    Adam Menace: Today we are at the Pit in New York City in Chinatown Lower East Side, Chrystie-Broome Streets.

    Steve-Z: It has a combination of atmosphere and good conditions for playing. It has four walls, two ramps that we use for benches.

    Doug Dalrymple: It's the Pit, like everybody wants to play in the Pit.

    Stephen Digges: Rules of Hardcourt bike polo tend to vary city to city. Every year by trial and error new rules and regulations are put to the test.

    Doug Dalrymple: Some cities may have a style of play where they don't really touch each other during the play. They won't actually like lean on a player and kind of like body them away from the wall, or some cities would do that for a stake.

    Paul Rauen: I've raved tournaments as well and so basically people are either working on a rule book and there is been one in place but it's just constant evolving process, one that gets done by the players.

    Stephen Digges: This is Stephen Digges in New York.