Birthday Party for Kids – Selecting a Venue

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Party specialist Paula Ross discusses how to pick a venue for your kids party.

    Paula Ross

    Andy and Paula Ross are the founders of Andy’s Parties, a full-service theme party and enrichment company. Andy’s Parties has run well over 1,000 parties in its first 3 years of operation – everything from Pirate Parties to Princess parties, Superhero and Spa parties. Andrew Ross (Guy in the Monkey Suit) is an entrepreneur with substantial experience with small businesses. After graduating with a degree in business from the Wharton Business School, he spent seven years in the private equity and consulting industries, helping grow many businesses. However, since he graduated from high school, Andy has longed for his previous years as a camp counselor and child's party planner and entertainer. He has leveraged his business knowledge and experience with kids to start Andy's Parties! Andy is primarily responsible for the Andy's Parties Franchising initiative and with growing the corporate locations. Paula Ross (Chief Creative Officer) is primarily in charge of developing new theme parties and enrichment programming. As part of her experience as a communications consultant to corporate clients, she has many years of planning and facilitation experience for social and business events - from huge company holiday gatherings to smaller and mid-sized town hall meetings and open houses in communities where her clients are doing business. Paula is also our Custom Event Specialist and can help you plan weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, Sweet 16 parties, anniversary and retirement parties, as well as corporate and charity events! Please call her for information about our Custom Event Planning Services.

    Paula Ross: Hi! My name is Paula Ross, and I am a Co-founder and the Chief Creative Officer at Andy's Parties. We are here at the Andy's Parties Play and Class centre in Great Falls Virginia, and we are here to talk to you about throwing a wonderful party for your child.

    Andy's Parties is a full service event company, and weve thrown about a thousand parties since our inception in 2004. So, we've done it all and seen it all. We are going to talk to you about all the components that go into a great event. There are literally a hundred to a thousand different options out there in venues for your event, and its a very special day. You want to make sure to find the perfect place to have your party. There are lots of things to consider when choosing a venue. You first want to consider how many kids you are going to have at your party. You want to make sure that your venue can accommodates all of those children, that theres adequate seating, adequate air circulation. You want to make sure that you are going to have a lot of parents there, that there is a place for the parents to hang out and talk to one another, and you want to make sure that if you are doing the event with some help, that you have enough staff there to take care of the needs of all of the children, to make sure that they are all going to get fed, and have help with their craft activity, help with their games and piata, whatever the case maybe.

    In home parties are making a big comeback, its a very trendy option these days, to have the party right in your own backyard or in your basement. We do hundreds of parties a year at peoples homes, and we set the party up wherever there's space available the kids come in and have a great time. If you do that, you want to make sure, that you have a place again for the parents, who might stick around for the party to hang out and chat. You want to make sure that there's adequate space for the children to move around and play and be active. If you dont want to do the party at home, as not everybody does, there are so many options available to you to go and have a great party. There are Gymnastic Centers, and Laser Tag Centers, bakeries, restaurants, and nail salons will do parties for you. Every place under the sun will do a party for you.

    Of course, you are always welcome to come to the Andy's Parties class and play center. We have one in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and in Great Falls, Virginia, and have your party here. We have lots of things to do, and we offer over 30 themes, or you can have Andy's Parties staff come and do a great party for you at home.