Black Hole Orbiting Be-star

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Researchers find evidence of a black hole orbiting a super fast rotating Be-star for the first time but they suspect there are many more such binary systems.

    Researchers have discovered the first black hole orbiting a star.  Using the Liverpool and Mercator telescopes at an observatory in the Canary Islands, Spanish astronomers located the first known binary system consisting of a black hole and a Be-type star.  These stars have a strong centrifugal force and rotate super, super fast.  Their observations revealed that the black hole orbits around the Be star and it fed by matter the star ejects.  The high-speed rotation of the star causes a lot of matter to be ejected, which the black hole attracts.  Researchers think, although unusual to us, it’s really not one of a kind.  They predict that this system is merely a member of a hidden population of Be stars paired with black holes.