Blowing out an Easter Egg

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Karen Kormondy of Ipso Crafto demonstrates how to blow the inside of an egg out of its shell.

    Karen Kormondy: Hi, my name is Karen Kormondy with Ipso Crafto in Washington D.

    C. and today, we are decorating Easter Eggs. In this clip, I am going to show you how to blow out an Easter egg so that you can preserve it and you can save it for years and years basically, because it does not have the yolk or the white to go rotten basically and when you are left with just a shell you can decorate it just as you would a regular Easter egg with dye or you can even use different paints, things that aren't particularly edible like acrylic paint. You can use glitter. You can use decoupage and tissue paper and it's just a really fun thing to learn because it's just very simple.

    So what you will need for this project is a regular uncooked egg. You will also need a sharp nail, usually just a normal nail you might have in your tool box. You don't need a specific size or anything and you also need a thin straw that you would find at a coffee shop and a bowl or a sink to collect the big yolk which won't be usable for food making or anything. You are just basically, going to throw it away when you are done and also, when you are dealing with raw egg like this, you always want to make sure to wash your hands very well after you are finished because the raw egg may have bacteria that if on unwashed will make you sick. So just always be careful of that. But let's get started.

    So you are going to take your uncooked egg and you are going to try to find a weak spot if you can. Sometimes on eggs that you get at the grocery store they have like little grey spots on them. Those are very weak points which you can put your nail on to and try to make a hole. This egg doesn't have any, so we are just going to try to chip away at it and luckily, the first spot actually worked and you are just going to make sure that you have a nice, little hole on one end and you are going to do the same thing with the other end of the egg. Again, just try to find a weak spot and slowly apply even pressure to the hole and then slightly, make this hole a little bit bigger because this is where most of the yolk is going to come out whereas the other hole is going to be the one that you blow into to force the yolk and the white out and then, you can take a toothpick because it's a little bit thinner and it's also just a little bit longer than the nail that I was using to break up the yolk which has a membrane on it which keeps it whole while it is in the egg. But we like to break it up. So that way it's easier to come out of the little hole that we have made. As you can -- I don't know if you can see, but there is already a little bit of white coming out which is a good sign. Big yolk is a little bit watery so it's not going to take too long to blow this out and you want to just fit up the straw to the hole and you are just going to blow basically. You are just going to make sure that nothing is blocking it. There you go. It's starting to come out and you just keep blowing until all of the yolk and the white is out. Again, keep poking as you see the yellow part is starting to come out. You just want to keep breaking it up till all the membrane, it's easy to get out through that little hole and that's basically it. Then when the entire yolk and white are out you just want to rinse this under some water and then blow out the water as well because that won't come out automatically and you will probably want it to dry overnight either in an ice tray or in the tray for the eggs that you bought the eggs in. So that's the basics of blowing out an egg and coming up, we will have different ways to decorate your blown out eggs especially using glitter. So stay tuned for that.