Boat Maintenance Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Moises Linares with the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation provides an overview of basic boat maintenance so you can keep your boat in tip top shape.

    Moises Linares: Hi! This is Moises Linares with Take Me Fishing. Theres a great motto for boat owners, be good to your boat and your boat will be good to you for many years to come. Here are some tips for keeping your boat forever young.

    Start with reading the maintenance schedule, you want to outline monthly and seasonal practices, daily task such as freshwater rinses after a day in salt water and immediate battery charge upon returning to shore as well as regular battery checks is a good starting point. Monthly task to add to your calendar include checking for loose fittings and rivets, cracks or part that may need care or replacement and using special metal cleaners and scrubbers to maintain your chrome, aluminum, or stainless steel fittings.

    Winterizing is an integral part of keeping your boat young. If you live in cold weather climate you want to change your oil or your filter transmission fluid and add antifreeze to inboard engines as well as check and clean your Sterndrive. Fill your fuel tank; make sure bilges are clean and dry.

    Winterizing task vary for different boats, so make sure you review your owner's manual to include all tasks on your maintenance schedule. When its time to get back out on the water in spring, make sure your boat is ready. This will include checking various parts of the engine, the electrical system, below decks, the hole, and safety equipment. Again these tasks will vary by boat.

    Also remember that following a regular maintenance schedule will reduce your overall maintenance costs as the boater motto says, be good to your boat and your boat will be good to you for many years to come.