Boating Basics – Types of Boats

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Scott Croft, Director of Public Affairs of BoatUS discusses basic boating tips including the various types of boats.

    Scott Croft: Hi! This is Scott Croft, Director of Public Affairs of BoatUS. Are you looking to get started into boating? Today, we are going to take a look at the different types and styles of powerboats.

    Knowing what kinds of boats are out there, can help you make a better decision for your family and it will help you be a better boater out on the water. Come on, let's go take a look!

    There are many different types of powerboats. Many are built for specific purposes like, fishing or water skiing. Here are some of the more popular types of small boats which generally run between 16 and 21 feet in length.

    Runner Boats and Bowriders are great because they offer extra seating upfront and a walk through wind-shield to let everybody pass through very easily.

    Walkarounds or center consoles are characterized by a center drive console and the rest of the boat is pretty much open deck space, no cabin, easy to clean, really versatile for many activities, and great for fishing.

    Bass boats have one thing in mind to catch fish to go fast, to get to fishing spots; they are loaded with features such as live-wells and bait-wells and lots of tackle storage.

    Cuddy cabins offer shelter usually sleeping to with some small accommodations, sometimes have a camper canvas in the back to give you more room to spread out.

    Sport boats or go-fasts are especially equipped for water sports usually with a wakeboard tower or towing system; they are great for staying active on the water.

    Boats on this size range offer a lot of choices, so what are some pros and cons?

    Pros, they are affordable to own and operate. Things like maintenance, storage, and repairs. They have really few systems aboard. They are easy to operate, easy to trailer; they are really great for small families.

    Here are some cons, you can't carry everybody in the family, and there is not a lot of overnight space and ride and handling is different in a small vessel.

    So we have taken a look at the smaller power boats. Now let's kick it up a notch and go to let's say the size of boats in the mid-20 to over 40 feet in size. Let's take a peek. Express or Sunbridge Cruisers. They are same as many sport boats, but the helm-deck or where you drive the boat is usually raised.

    Aft Cabins, they offer sleeping space in the rear of the boat.

    Sportfish and Fly Bridges, they offer an upper helm layout, better views, but their solo purpose is catching fish.

    Here are some pros. There is a lot more space for day trips, overnights and cruising and generally more melodies from home, like full kitchens or what's called a galley, standup heads that's the same thing as a toilet, showers and extra sleeping area.

    Power boats are great for getting out on the water, and getting where you want to be. Some power boaters say, it's all about being there, getting to your destination and an enjoying it and you can also get home quickly.