Bold Brows for Fall

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Suzanne Minskey with Faces by SAM Makeup Artistrywill show you how to do to do the brows.

    Suzanne Minskey: Hi my name is Suzanne Minskey with Faces by SAM Makeup Artistry. Today, I'm showing you how to do a fall makeup look. Right now we're going to do the brows.

    For this you'll need an angled brow brush and a brow powder. What you want to do is select a brow powder just slightly darker than your brows, apply it to the angled brush and brush it into the brows. You want to follow the natural brow shape. This helps to keep the face looking natural and symmetrical, and if you have any patchiness, it helps to look fuller and smoother. That's how you fill in the brows.

    Now we're going to apply a little bit brow wax, apply it the same way you that you applied the brow powder, deep the brush into the wax and brush it over the brows. This helps the hairs lay flat and sleek and avoids unruly, messy brows.

    Now if you have few brow hairs that fall upside the line you can go ahead and just tweeze those out.

    Very last thing you want to do is follow it up with a Spoolie Brush just to brush them into shape. You want to brush it up at the front and follow it around and then down at the sides.

    Then to finish it off we're going to apply a little bit of eyelid primer to really help to find the arch and get the brows a more wide-awake look. And this, we'll use your concealer brush again. I want to pick up a little bit of the product, trace along the brow line and smooth it out, and then blend it out with finger tip. If you have a little extra weightiness at the foundation our concealer didn't cover, you can also use this to dab it on the eye and cover it up as well. And that's how to get a gorgeous brows.

    Now coming up in our next segment, we're going to talk about how to choose the right colors for fall and for your skin tone.