Bollywood Dance Steps

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dance experts demonstrate how to do basic Bollywood dance steps.

    Dhoonya Dance

    Dhoonya Dance School and Performance Company is the Washington DC metro area's premiere center for Bollywood-inspired modern South Asian dance. Dhoonya Dance offers classes to males and females of all ages and experience levels, performances, as well as unique and personalized choreography.

     Hi! Welcome to how to Bollywood dance.  We are both the Managing Directors of Dhoonya Dance.

    So, once you've warmed-up and you are ready to start your Bollywood dance lesson, you can start with some basic movements. We are going to go through some foot-work that kind of takes one to another and you'll see the variations as we go along and then teach you some basic hand movements and shoulders that you can put into any sort of dance and look like you are a Bollywood movie star.

    So, to begin we are going to just do a basic step, touch. We'll start with our right foot, and we'll go step, touch, step, touch, step, touch, step, touch, step, touch. So, you can see that this is pretty simple. You are just following one foot to the other, and leading in the direction that you are going.

    So, another form of this is to add a little hop into it, so, here we can take it, hop, touch, hop, touch, hop, touch, hop, touch, hop, touch.

    Now, another classic Bollywood dance move that you'll see, is not to just step, touch in two beats, but to make it a three-count, so that you are going one-two-three, one-two-three, flat-toe-flat, flat-toe-flat, one-two-three, one-two-three.

    So, this is something that you'll see over-and-over and once you get the hang of this you can do almost any move.

    So, another thing that we can do, we are going to move into the limp step, what we like to call the Limp Step, thats not the technical term, and that is basically putting one foot on the toe, and then pressing down on the toe, and then do your other foot. So, it's just like you are limping, if you hurt your foot.

    So, if you take it a little faster, this becomes the limp step, and you'll see that you are pushing down, down, down, down.

    Then the other form of that is to, if you are a female especially, you might want to add some hip into there. So, you are adding your hip, as you are pressing down, and that's a little hard to see what I am doing, you are taking your hip up, and then down. So, as your toe hits the ground, your hip goes up, then down.

    So, its one-two, one-two, one-two, one-two.

    The other footwork that we wanted to show you today is a basic turn. You see a lot of turning in Bollywood dance, and the easiest way to do this is to take one foot, cross it over, and then unwind.

    So, you can try that again with us, cross over, unwind, and it can be done with the same way with your left foot, so, taking your left foot, crossing over, and unwinding.

    The other thing, we wanted to show were some hand movements, so to get started, you want to move your shoulders a little bit, just loosen up, let them move up and down, and then you can take these, move your arms up, keep your shoulders going, and your arms are in the air, I am sure you've seen thats a lot, if you've watched any Bollywood movie.

    Another famous move is to turn those light bulbs. So, you are basically taking your wrist and turning the light bulb, and that creates a little bit more of a graceful movement. So, you can add this to any of the steps that we've learned, whether its the jump, touch from side-to-side, whether its one-two-three, so, you are going one-two-three, one-two-three, one-two-three, right, or the limp step. So, you are limp, limp, and if you want to add a little more hip in there, you can just add it in like that.

    The final hand movement we wanted to show, its called -- what we like to call the Come Here step, because you use it a lot for the Hindi word, which is Aaja but that means come here, so, you'll see that in the dance that you are going to be learning, and that is basically to go one-two-three-four, thats it. Just bringing your hand, come here. Those are the basic moves that you need to do, you need to learn to do any Bollywood dance and of course you add your own flavor and you add it to it as you go along, but you'll see that these steps carry over.