Bollywood Dance Warmups

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dance experts demonstrate how to warmup for Bollywood dance.

    Dhoonya Dance

    Dhoonya Dance School and Performance Company is the Washington DC metro area's premiere center for Bollywood-inspired modern South Asian dance. Dhoonya Dance offers classes to males and females of all ages and experience levels, performances, as well as unique and personalized choreography.

    Hi! Welcome to Dhoonya Dance of Bollywood dance preview. Before we start, we want to talk a little bit about safety.

    In any type of dance form, safety is key, you have to work at your own pace and for Bollywood dance in particular, we recommend wearing comfortable, workout clothing, kind of like we are dressed now, and also for footwear, we choose to dance barefoot, but if you have sensitive feet I would recommend wearing sneakers or some sort of shoe that prevents too much impact on your foot.

    We'll start with a brief warm-up. In our regular Bollywood dance classes we do a full warm-up that's about three-four minutes and also we do a cool down. So, please take some extra time to work at your own pace and let's get started.

    We first start with moving a little back and forth, swaying side-to-side. It's going right, left, good.

    Now, you are going to take your right arm, and stretch over to the left, and bring it down, hold it here for a couple of seconds, and slowly come up.

    Good, now, we shift over to the other side, and down and slowly come up. And now, we are going to work our shoulders a little bit, right, left, back, back, and the other way, right, left, forward, forward. Now, your neck, just roll it around, and the other way, good.