Bollywood Eye Makeup Application

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup Artist Susy Young demonstrates how to apply eye makeup for Bollywood films.

    Susy Young: Hi! I am Susy at Pink Karma Salon & Day Spa. This is my lovely model Alison. We are about to apply Bollywood eye make-up.

    I am using a blue eyeliner. Make sure to fill in the crease. Bollywood make-up includes a lot of drama. We like to extend the make-up past the natural crease of the eye.

    After applying the blue eyeliner, we will extend with light green eyeliner. Thats what beautiful about the Bollywood make-up. Its an open palette, anything goes. Here I am using a fluid movement to blend the colors together. Then we will repeat this process on the other eye.

    Next we will take a very strong make-up palette with several different pigments and begin applying corner to outside of the lid, the pigmentation and we will use sort of like a prism of color as our inspiration. We will just follow the liner as a guide, as we apply the eye shadow.

    You can see some of that pigment dropping down. Thats why we put the concealer, then we put the loose powder to catch the pigment. Look at that, thats beautiful. Observe here model and if you feel that you have more room to work, there is more and more area, right here in the arch of her eyebrow, that we could put another line of color. For this I am using an eyeliner crayon. You can always use your fingers to smudge.

    Next, blend with contrasting color. We are using the crayon to actually catch up the pigment and blend out on the sides. Then use complementary pigment in the corners of the eyes. Now we take advantage of our loose powder underneath the eyes, brushing it away, allowing for any pigment that it dropped to magically disappear from our palette.

    That completes our Bollywood eye make-up. Coming up next, we will show you how to apply false eyelashes.