Bollywood Makeup Application – Foundation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup Artist Susy Young demonstrates how to apply Bollywood makeup foundation.

    Susy Young: Hi! I am Susy at Pink Karma Salon with my lovely model Alison. Now we will apply foundation for Bollywood make-up. We see a lot of matte reflection. So we want an awesome coverage where basically the skin tone is consistent throughout the face. What you want to do is take light brush strokes with your second finger, sealing in the moisture and allowing for a little reflection and shine.

    You want to do the same process on both sides of the face creating symmetry in your look. You will also want to apply concealer to the chin and the forehead and the neck connecting all areas of the face. Sometimes, you have to switch to concealer brush for those hard to reach corners. And apply it to the eyelid as well.

    Now we are just blending with the concealer brush. For blending, we will use liquid foundation and we will apply with a sponge applicator. You will apply liquid foundation throughout the entire face, the forehead, chin, T-zone and neckline. It creates a matte look.

    Next, we will be applying dual foundation for a matte finish. Applying dual foundation allows for the skin to reflect evenly. We apply it everywhere that we have already applied liquid foundation and concealer. Now we are truly blending the skin tone to look like one solid skin tone.

    So in order to bring to up the features of the face, we have to first make them all seem the same and then we will draw out the natural beauty. Next we will apply translucent powder underneath the eye in order to catch any stray pigment that falls from applying the eye make-up.

    So that concludes our application for liquid foundation and concealer for the Bollywood make-up look. Coming up next, the eyes.