Boost Your Child’s Study Skills IQ

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Education expert Ann Dolin shares some simple tips for helping students boost their study skills and get better grades on tests.

    Ann Dolin: In classrooms across America, teachers strive to provide engaging lessons and assignments, but more often than not, our students aren't learning how to learn. Here are some easy thing you can do to help students store the information they need, so they can use it tomorrow, next week or even a year from now.

    First studying is so much more than merely reading. Students will retain far more when they highlight the main concepts, jot down notes in the margins, make their own study guides and quiz themselves.

    Flashcards are tried and true method for memorization, but here is a twist. Students will retain far more information when they hold the cards. Part of the reason this works is because the student is reviewing and teaching the parent at the same time.

    Another easy and fun way to help students retain information is to use acronyms. They can be used for almost anything. For example, HOMES is an acronym for the great lakes. Once students have shown how to use this technique, they can come up with all kinds of catchy acronyms to make retention easy.

    Finally, when your child has an upcoming test help him break the study time into increments. Instead of studying the night before which can be stressful, break it up over a week in his planar or on the family calendar.

    By teaching valuable study skills now, your child will be able to reap the benefits of better grades, a deeper understanding of the material and increased confidence.