Bowl – Understanding the Ball

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    AMF Bowling Center’s Richard Wolfe demonstrates how to bowl including how to understand the bowling ball.

    Richard Wolfe

    Richard Wolfe started bowling at the age of 12 in the Saturday morning youth league as many other youth bowlers. I began bowling competitively at the age of 16 in adult leagues and competing against some of the most renowned players at that time. As he became more interested in the game he then began working at the local pro-shop Carmen Don’s which was the most popular bowling pro shop in the Metropolitan DC area. Still a member of the Sports Plus Carmen Don’s pro shop, with over 20 years of experience in the bowling business, he has been a main stay in the knowledge and integrity of the game. He has been employed by many of the major manufactures such as Columbia, Ebonite, Hammer and Storm and has been recognized as a vital member to their staff. Being a PBA (Professional Bowling Association) member since 1987 with credentials that include 4 Professional Bowlers Tour Regional Championships one of which was in Hawaii which has become one of his most memorable. It was most special because his Mom and Dad flew there to be a part of his dream. Then went on to be a part of the elite Professional Bowlers National Tour. It was then that he found to be one of the most respected bowlers and finished 2nd in the Indianapolis Open in 1995. He then followed that with 7 nationalized televised finals, qualified for the all exempt tour 2003-2004, 2005-2006 and was voted the recipient for the Steve Nagy Sportsmanship Award in 2005-2006 by his peers. Mr. Wolfe will be inducted into the Metropolitan Area Hall of Fame on October 20, 2007 for his accomplishments for both his achievements as well as his dedication to the sport of bowling.

    Hi, I am Richard Wolf. I am a certified bowling technician. Today, we are going to discuss some basic bowling tips. What I am going to discuss to you today is you choosing your first bowling ball.

    If you have already come in we have got your weight and properly fitted. So, now we are going to do is we are going to choose a ball for you. Now, some general information about the bowling balls, what we have is plastic, reactive and reactive resin. By appearance it is hard to tell the difference between them but basically, this is it. Plastic balls which are on the bottom shelf, you will get that shiny, pearlised finished. It is going to come in a variety of colors.

    Then I intended to hook very much. It is what we would like to consider and have everyone get involved into beginning type of bowling ball. Then you go into what they call reactive resin and reactive resin particle. Once again, by appearance it is hard to tell the differences in these bowling balls. However, the basic differences and it comes in price as well.

    The balls that do not hook as much, they do not cost as much. That does not necessarily make them better or worse. However, when you are first getting involved, we want to stick with something classic though it is a ball that is not intended like I said, to a hook a great deal.

    This gives you the basic idea of what you are trying to do if the ball is not going to be erratic on you. As you get more involved and you will start doing your studying when you start to see all these bowling balls come out, they are going to hook a little bit more. Now, when you see these balls what they call the reactive resin balls, you are not only paying for the outer shell of the ball which is what we call the cover, you are also, talking about the weight block. Now, the weight blocks, as you get more involved and you become in that intermediate or advanced bowler, you are also paying for what the core inside the ball. The larger the core, the more hook potential the ball has. Now, that does not necessarily once again, make the ball better or worse. What we are trying to do is get you involved in the bowling ball that we know that you are going to like and that you can control.

    So, when you are making that purchase, do not think that just because you are spending a lot more money, you are getting a better ball. That is not necessarily the case. Now, we have got you fitted, got the proper weight, you got your ball; let us go on the lanes.