Bowling Ball Selection – Caring for Your Ball

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Randy Peterson here for Storm Bowling Products shows you how to care for your bowling ball.

    Randy Pedersen: Hi everybody! Randy Pedersen back with you once again for Storm Bowling Products and Roto Grip. We have been talking about how to select the right ball for you. Well, once you have made that right selection, let's talk about how to maintain, how to clean that investment. It's real simple. Remember, the bowling ball is a reactive resin ball. It's going to have the pores and dirt and lane oil is going to get trapped inside the pores. So what I want you to do is, simple. After every three games, find and all-purpose cleaner that's designed to clean bowling balls. I just so happened to have one right here made by Storm, Storm's All Purpose Cleaner. Real simple, you spray it on; you wipe it off, a little elbow grease and voil! What this is going to do is it's going to help maintain the integrity of that bowling ball, keep it curving on those sleek lanes, but it's also going to help make your bowling ball last longer. Let's talk a little bit about ball surface, and how the surface of the bowling balls can be altered to kind of fine tune that bowling ball for your game once you've made the purchase. And again this can all be done at a good pro shop. Now, what I have here is the same identical bowling ball with two completely different surfaces. As you can see this ball has been sanded and this ball is polished and shiny. And what this does is it gives us the opportunity or the options to fine-tune the equipment perfectly for your game. If you need a little bit of more hook, guess what, you can take it in your pro shop, you can scuff it up a little bit, all the sudden that bowling ball is going to start to grab that oil. Let's say we have got a little bit too much hook, we want ball to go a little bit longer before starts it making our break, I'll bring it back to my pro shop Operator. I ask him to put a little ball polish on it, all of a sudden now, I can actually see my face and shave in this thing. I know it's going to go longer and straighter. Well, there you have it folks. We have covered a lot of information. We've talked about what type of bowler you are, are you a beginning bowler, league bowler, or tournament bowler. We've talked about how to select the right bowling ball. We've even talked about how to lay those bowling balls out when you decided on the perfect ball for you. We've talked about being able to fine-tune the surface, talked about how to care for it, to protect your investment. Man, I'd tell you with all of this information, I expect big scores. See you next time.