Bowling Ball Selection for the League Bowler

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Randy Peterson here for Storm Bowling Products shows you how to select a bowling ball if you are a league bowler.

    Randy Peterson: Hey! Everybody Randy Peterson again here with Storm Bowling Products and Roto Grip. We are talking about how to select the right ball specifically how to select the right ball for the league bowler. But before we get into that, let's talk about the right grip. Now, I know that there are still some league bowlers that are still using a conventional grip, but I recommend using a finger tip grip and this is very important when getting a finger tip grip that you go to a Pro-Shot Professional and get fitted properly. Finger tip grip, you only put your fingers into the first crease, pull that thumb back and you want a nice comfortable grip. You don't want to be over extended that will promote injury. You don't want it too short, you want to be able to just put those fingers into the first crease and have that thumb fall right in. The reason why I recommend a finger tip grip is for a number of reasons. One comfort, two feel, three control, four it puts more revolutions on the bowling ball which equals more power and more strikes. Hey! For you league bowlers, in selecting a new bowling ball can be a trying experience. There are so many bowling balls to choose from. Let me see if I can make it simpler for you. I know you want to raise your average; I know you want to get better. Hey! Maybe you want to go out there and win the League Championships. Let me give you a couple of pieces of advice on selecting the correct ball for you.

    Let's start with how fast you throw the bowling ball, if you have slow ball speed, you certainly wouldn't want to jump up in the real high performance bowling balls. These balls are designed to do one thing and that's hook and hook a lot. You want to stay down into this level here, maybe your entry level reactive resin or maybe step it up, get something a little bit stronger. But again, remember if you have slow ball speed and you are bowling on dry lanes, you don't want to throw the strong stuff, you want to stay down in the stuff that's less aggressive. Let's take somebody who throws the ball excessively fast and bowls on a lot of oil. That's when you want to step up here and get something that's got some traction. These balls here are going to hook on ice. When you throw the ball fast, you need something that's going to adhere to the land surface, so that you can get that bowling ball to drive into the pits.

    If you are one of those players that falls in between the two, go to this level here, something like this ball is going to do very nicely, and just about any old pattern, remember it's up to you to find a reputable pro-shop operator to help you pick out the right bowling ball for your style. Hey! Everybody for more help in choosing the right ball, go to stormbowling.

    com. Click on Matchmaker, it will help you choose the right ball for your game. Hey! And coming up next, we are going to talk about choosing the right ball for you, tournaments bowlers.