Bowling Spares To The Right & Left

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Storm Bowling expert Randy Pedersen demonstrates how to bowl spares to the right and to the left.

    Randy Pederson: Hi everybody, Randy Pederson here for Storm Bowling Products. Today we are going to be talking about spare shooting when you leave something on both the left and right side of the lane. These techniques are used by the professionals everyday. I want you to implement them in your game.

    What I want you to do is anything that's right of the headpin; I want you to stand as far left as you can, that's going to give you the best angle to shoot that spare. Remember what we are trying to do is increase our margin for air.

    For example if you left a tenpin and you are right handed, you would never stand all the way to the right, because if you miss just a little bit to the right, the ball is in the gutter, that's why we stand as far left as we can.

    Also a tip from the pros, they throw the ball as straight as humanly possible. Why, let's say you are bowling on lanes that are fairly dry and you are shooting that tenpin again if you are right-handed, throw that ball as straight as you can. Remember all you are dealing with now is straight lines and you never have to worry about that ball hooking pass the tenpin.

    It's the same thing if you are shooting spares on the left side. Remember to stand as far right as you can. Again we are using angles; this increases our margin for air. So remember you want to improve your spare shooting both left and right side of the lane, use your angles and throw the ball straighter.

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