Boys Suffer from Eating Disorders

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A team from Boston Children’s Hospital reports that many teenage boys suffer from eating disorders and go to danger means to achieve a desired body image.

    Researchers from Boston Children’s Hospital reports that as many as 17.9% of boys suffer from eating disorders, proving that it isn’t a girl-centric disease.  After studying 5,000 teenage boys over an 11-year period, they found that 9.2% said they were “highly concerned” with achieving a muscular body type and 2.5% said they wanted to be skinny.  Another 6.3% of boys said they wanted to be muscular and skinny.  But what really surprised me was the whopping one-third of the group that reported having binged and purged at some point in their lives.  Researchers also pointed out that boys were more likely to use dangerous drugs and supplements to achieve their desired body image.  Also, researchers said boys are less comfortable talking about eatingdisorders than girls, as it is more taboo for the male gender.