Bra Size – Measuring Cup Size

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Founder of Coup de Foudre Lingerie Valerie Lucas explains how to properly measure your cup size to ensure a great bra fit.

    Valerie Lucas: Hello, my name is Valerie Lucas. I am with Coup de Foudre Lingerie and today we are discussing how to find the proper fitting bra. I am about to show you how to measure your cut size. You are going to take your soft tape measure and measure around the fullest part of the body, right there. Okay, make sure that the soft tape measure doesn't slide and here she reads 38. Now, let me be honest with you; we think that measuring is a starting point but it's not a foolproof method. What we recommend is actually you try on as many bras as you can to really determining your exact bra size because your bra size can be affected by many different factors. You can gain, loose weights, you could be on the pill and age is also a factor. So, a bra size might change throughout your life. So, it's important to actually befit it once a year to determine if the size, you are currently wearing, is still the right size because your need of coverage or support might change throughout your life. Now, we are actually going to discuss how to try on your bra properly which is actually a key factor in determining your bra size.