Breakdance – Floor Work

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hip hop dance expert Eric Stanton demonstrates how to do floor work when breakdancing.

    Eric Stanton: Hello! This is Eric Stanton and this is the basics of breakdancing. We just got done with our Drops, now we are going to learn a little bit of Floor Work to breakdance. This is actually called the sixth-step, what I am going to be teaching. So basically we are going to start from your Top Rock, which you just learned, right, and you end up in your drops. Here's where you get into your sixth-step. You are going to take this left leg and you are going to put it under the bottom. Take your right leg; put it over, at the same time putting your right hand down. As you can see, left leg is going to come out; left hand is going to come down, right leg back, as you can see, left leg forward, right leg under your bottom. So you can pretty much start over again. Left leg, back to your bottom, right leg over, right hand down, as you can see. This is how you are going to start this dance step. That way you can end up doing it a little bit faster, as you can see. Pretty much when you are doing this, make sure you are not just on the palms of your hand. You are not going to have freedom to move. You kind of want to stay up on your fingers like this or you kind of want to stay, not with your palm so much, but with this part of your hand on the ground. That way you have the freedom to move a lot easier oppose to this way.

    So, basically as we are doing this, you can start with your Top Rock. I am doing this one more time, you drop, your sixth-step, as you can see. This is basically what it is going to look like. You do whatever when you get comfortable and it'll look good; but that was it for your Floor Work. Now, we are going to get into the Power Moves for breakdancing, where we are going to be learning is Windmills.