Breakdance – How to Drop

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hip hop dance expert Eric Stanton demonstrates how to drop during a breakdance.

    Eric Stanton: Hello! I am Eric Stanton. This is the basics of breakdancing. We just taught you how to Top Rock; now we are trying to teach you how to Drop. So basically what you want to do just like I taught you in the Top Rock, you are on your tippytoes. You jump in from this side, back, right. Now, this time, when we are going to this side, right, and we come back. I want you to go back to that side. When you go back to that side, you are going to keep popup your right leg at the same time. So it is going to be like, as you can see. Now, what we are going to do, when we pop up the leg, it is going to fold right under our knee. So when we fold it under our knee, it is going to be like this, and we are going to drop on the floor, landing on this foot and on this hand.

    So, basically, right, hop, left leg, hop, back. Well, now we are going to put the left leg back out and the right leg is going to come up at the same time and tuck under our knee, and drop, as you could see.

    So, it is right, left, left. Once again, right, left, left, as you could see. So basically, what you want to do, you want to make this drop look nice and clean, so you can get into a sixth step, which I will be showing you later, which is actually part of your floor work for breakdancing. So what you want to do like I said, right, left, up, drop that's basically what you wanted to look like. It is going to look a little bit like this. That's how you want to look like when you are dancing. You want a smooth transition. Now, you can get into your floor work for breakdancing, next.