Breakdance – Poses & Putting It All Together

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hip hop dance expert Eric Stanton demonstrates how to do Poses while breakdancing and will put all of the dance moves together.

    Eric Stanton: Hello! This is Eric Stanton and this is the basics of breakdancing. We have just got done with our Windmill. Now, we are going to show you is Poses. Basically, where am I starting from, I am going to actually start from the Windmill position. I mean, I have just showed you from the Sixth-Step, how again it's a Windmill. So I am hoping you guys can remember the rest of it, but, basically, from the Windmill position, just like I taught you right here, we're going to get into a Pose out of the Windmill, from here it's going to come up like this. This is called the chairfreeze. Basically, what you are going to do is out of your Windmills, you are going to still have your momentum in your Windmill.

    So, when you are coming around, to that freeze, you are actually going to, probably be still spinning; but, it should still be pretty simple. You slide on your hand a little bit. You have your head that support you and your leg is going to come down, so that way you can stop your pose. Basically, what is going to happen when you're in this position of your Windmill, it's going to come aloft like that. The back hand is keeping you from falling back. This way right hand here is to keep you staying up and your foot right there is to keep from falling down as well. So again, from your Windmill now; take your Windmill, we are going to do one. As you could see; again, as you could see. Now, basically, when you are doing this, like I told you, you are going to have a lot of momentum. You are going to have sliding, whatever it might be; you just got to make sure that you do make that initial stops, because if you fall, then it will look a little bit messed up; but, hey, you got this far, pretty much people will respect you as a new and upcoming breakdancer. You practice with the people who are better than you, and it's going to look good. That was the Pose. Now, what we are going to do, is we are going to take all this stuff because we are going to kind of conclude this and put all the dance moves together, string them all together to make one final breakdance move. We are going to start with your Top Rock. After your Top Rock, we are going to do your Drops. From your Drops, we are going to do your Floor Work, which we learned with the Sixth-Step after your Sixth-Step, we are going to do the Windmills and end up in a Pose. So it's going to look something like this. That was everything that you could learn in the basics of breakdancing today. My name is Eric Stanton. Remember it's important to be safe; that's why we have all these things here and you guys have a fun time; take that up to the clubs, enjoy yourself and breakdance with as many people as you can.