Breakdance – The Top Rock

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hip hop dance expert Eric Stanton demonstrates how to breakdance, specifically the dance move the Top Rock.

    Eric Stanton: Hello! This is Eric Stanton and this is the basics of breakdancing. First, we are going to start out with the dance move Top Rock. Now, this might not seem too difficult when you first see it, but remember you have to keep up with the rhythm and that's where the difficulty comes into play. You want to kind of get up on your tippytoes, as you could see. So you have freedom to move a lot faster and with more beats when you want to do different moves. Of course, I am not going to show you everything in this video, I only have a short time to show you, but this is how you're going to want to start out when you are first learning.

    You are going to get up on your tippytoes and you are going to move one leg to the other side. It is going to be like this. Right leg over the left; you are going to jump back in to your resting position, left leg over right, kind of hop it and hop back into your resting position. You want to keep repeating this. Make sure you do this and make sure it is with the rhythm because if this is not with the rhythm, it is not going to look good when you out to the club. I am not going to give you props if I see you out in the club and you are dancing to the rhythm of your own drum. You want to make sure you do this with the beat; I emphasize this and of course it is not going to just look like this. It is going to look completely different obviously because you are going to be able to have rhythm to move or freedom to move, anywhere you would like to. So, when you are dancing, just like I said, back and forth, back to your resting position, out, resting position and out, just like that. As you go along, you are going to notice, you are going to find the rhythm of each beat; you want to dance to the good baseline or good snare line, but like I told you, any type of music that you pick, you have to get it on the rhythm, regardless of what kind of music, every single song has a beat. Now, when you are dancing, it is going to look a different, it is going to look a little bit like this and you can hop around and that's how you want to do it when you are doing. Now, that we have done that we are going to move on to the next segment in breakdancing, which is going to be the Drops.