Breakthrough Printer Technologies – Apps for Your Printer

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Electronics expert Jody Vining discusses the new breakthrough printer technologies, including apps for your printer.

    Jody Vining: It's Jody from TigerDirect.

    com and we're talking about some of the advancements in printing technology these days. One of the hottest things I hear about today is apps. Apps for your cellphone, apps for your tablet. But one thing you probably haven't heard of is apps for your printer. And that's actually something that's happening right now.

    Like with this HP Photosmart eStation printer. It actually has apps built right in. It actually has a tablet built right in. This is a removable tablet PC that you can use with this printer. The thing is it has a full suite of applications right on the board giving you the ability to do a lot of stuff you've never been able to do with a printer before. Like say email or check your Facebook or print maps directly from the printer itself. You can even browse the Internet. That's right.

    This is basically a fully functional tablet built right in to the printer itself. You want to browse the web, you simply tab the Internet icon, and you get a full web browser available to you. If you say you want to browse your Facebook, just hit Facebook, it has a full photo gallery. So let's say you scan something into your printer that will go directly into that gallery, and then you can send those photos anywhere you want. You can email and you can upload them to Facebook. It's all done right here.

    So in addition to the normal application of a printer like being able to copy and scan, and fax, and being able to use all those other very, very cool applications. You can even shop for books right here on your printer with the Barnes & Noble bookstores. Just hit Shop and you can browse through all the books. Of course, you don't have to read the books. Well, this is docked. You can take this with you and read your books in bed, get some work done, and send your documents directly to the printer itself.

    Apps in a printer, it's definitely something that's brand-new. Something that's never been done before. It's part of the brand-new technology that's coming in on printers right now.