Breakthrough With A Bedtime Routine

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Valorie Burton for Focus on the Family provides tips on how to get your child to go to bed without an argument.

    Valorie Burton: It's a rite of passage for parents of young children, those dreaded bedtime battles. Getting young children to go to bed can keep the entire family up past their bedtimes.

    If your kids have a lot of energy and like to go all day, they probably don't like to slowdown at night, which means they are armed and ready with lots of excuses when it's time to turn out the lights. I want another cup of water, I want another bedtime story; it's too dark.

    When parents give in to these protests, they reinforce their child's behavior, which often just gets repeated over and over again and bedtime drags on. But there are some ways to turn battles into breakthroughs.

    First, try to establish a consistent bedtime routine. That may mean reading a book, taking a bath or even listening to soft music. And take some time to tuck your child into bed.

    You can also woot-off potential excuses by adding night lights or keeping the door slightly open. Then choose several nights in a row where you end your spouse agree not to enter in your child's room after bedtime. Now it's important to stick to this plan even if there are a few tears, be resilient. Unless your child is sick or hungry, don't go back into the room.

    Most kids learn to fall asleep on their own within a few nights. With a little patience, planning and love, your family can celebrate a bedtime breakthrough too.