Brew Beer-Cooking Extract

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    HopTech Homebrew Supplies owner Dan Franklin demonstrates how to add the malt when home-brewing beer.

    Dan Franklin: Hello. Dan Franklin from HopTech Homebrewing in Dublin, California. Now let the grains that youve just done a partial mash, put it into your pot and let it sit for about 10 or 15 minutes from which this has. What you dont want to do is ever leave your stove unattended for safety purposes.

    Once it comes to a roiling boil it is ready to go to the next step which is going to add the extract. I definitely want to point out a very common hazard is the famous boil over and we almost just had once. So what you want to do is reduce your heat lightly in fact for safety purposes I would suggest turn your heat completely off.

    Youre going to add your extract into this boiling water. Now, beer is four things Water, Sugar, Yeast and Hops. First thing is boiling in the water, now were going to add the sugar. This is malt extract. So you want to be careful how you want to pour this in. At this point, its nice if you have a second person here, who can help you stir as you pour.

    So were going to lightly pour this in very carefully. This is a high temp spoon so I can set it down it wont transfer heat. I want to pour the extract. As you can see this is malt extract. So were going to pour some in here, going to stir it.

    So you want to pour all your extract in. Now, be very careful because obviously you are over a boiling pot. At this point I did shut the heat off but its still extremely hot. Now its going to get down here, its going to be a little difficult. There is a couple of ways to this. You can dump this in, but thats kind of scary because you can burn yourself and once again very important dont let children do this, adults only okay.

    Take a regular Pyrex cup, take this here, hold it over, pour it in there. Squish it around cautiously, dont squish it violently because youre going to burn yourself. You just want to loosen up this extract here. And you are going to pour it on through and youre going to repeat that step a couple of times, until the extract dissolved in there.

    Once again, now what you can do is you can put your lid on it, but I warn you and you can squish it around, but this will expand, so dont put your face over and open it. Swirl it around nice and smooth, open it very cautiously, take it and pour it on in. So what you want to do is you want to get as much of the extract into your pot as possible.

    Once youve finished this procedure, the next step is were going to turn the heat back on, get it to boiling again, it shouldnt take very long because you only have to heat off for a very short period of time.

    Now, many of you will use an outdoor stove, you can use an electric range, you can use a gas stove. An outdoor high temp burner you definitely have to shut the gas off because when you add the extract or when you add the hops you have a good chance for an over boil and you are going to burn yourself so common sense.

    So at this point were going to turn the heat back on. Were going to give it a few seconds to get back to boil and were going to add our Hops. Once again on your spoon, this particular spoon is a high temp spoon so I can sit here and let it rest. You can put your lid on, but you dont want to seal it all the way, which you do not repeatedly you do not want to walk away with leaving three and a half, four gallons of boiling wort on the stove, especially if you have pets, little kids running around you dont want to anybody to get burnt.

    So were going to bring this up to boil and were going to get our hops out and were going to go ahead and open them up.