Brewing a Batch of Beer – Part 1

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gary Glass from the American Homebrewers Association teaches you how to brew a batch of beer.

    Gary Glass: Hi! My name is Gary Glass. I'm the Director of the American Homebrewers Association. I'm teaching you how to make bear at home.

    In this segment we will cover the actual brewing process. And what we are doing here is we are going to be brewing a very small batch of beer, it's a German Style Hefeweizen that's in the Introduction to Zymurgy magazine. Let's get started.

    What I have done is I have got our malt extract, this is a wheat malt extract, I have been soaking this in some hot water just to get it warmed up and it'll flow a lot better that way. So we have got two cans of the wheat malt extract and we have got an ounce of liberty hops and we have some wine yeast or Hefeweizen yeast and what this particular type of yeast, it's called a smack pack, you actually a little packet of wort which will feed the yeast in the packet.

    Now in the meantime, we've been heating up a gallon of water on our stove. So I am going to now add this warmed extract to the water that's on the stove. Before I start adding in though, I am going to take it off of the burner, because the extract will sink right down to the bottom and if it's sitting all on the burner itself, it will scorch on the bottom. So you want to make sure you take it off the burner before you add the extract in.

    So the kettle, the spoon, everything is going to go into the boiling water. It doesn't need to be sanitized; the boiling will do that for us. So I am just going to pour in two cans of extract and stir it in, make sure it's thoroughly mixed before you put it back on the burner. That way none of it will be stuck to the bottom where it could burn and scorch. That will definitely cause some off-flavors if you do that. Pour as much nicer, since we've warmed it up. If you don't warm it up, it comes out very thick in it and it moves pretty slowly; a little harder to dissolve.

    Try and get as much of the extract out of the can as you can. Now the little trick is, you can dip the can itself in there, the hot wort will help. The extract, just swirl it around in there and that's one down. Do it over again. Alright, so we have got our extract added in to the kettle, it's all stirred up. We will put it back on our burner and we are going to bring it to a boil. Our wort is coming to a boil now, that's what beer is called before it's actually fermented. So until we add yeast, it's not beer yet, it's wort.

    Just coming up to a boil, so we are ready to add our hops in and we are using pellet hops. Now as it comes to a boil at the beginning, it will tend to be very, very foamy, and even though it looks like there is a lot of room in this kettle, it will fill the whole thing out. So you got to be pretty diligent when it first starts to come to a boil. Make sure you are stirring it. You might need to turn down your temperature, if it really get does foamy, but yeah, definitely want to be right on top of this when it's first starting. But now we are going to boil this for half an hour and then it will be ready to add it to our fermentor.