Brewing a Batch of Beer – Part 2

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gary Glass from the American Homebrewers Association shows you how to brew a batch of beer.

    Gary Glass: Hi! My name is Gary Glass. I'm the Director of the American Homebrewers Association. I'm teaching you how to make beer at home. While the wort is boiling, I'm going to sanitize our fermentor and all of the equipment that's going to come in contact with the beer after it comes off the burner.

    Everything on that side is sanitized, it's boiling. Everything after it's boiled needs to be sanitized. So I put about a gallon, one or two gallons of water in our fermentor and I'm going to add just a little bit of the Star San. This packaging makes it really easy to just fill up into the container by squeezing it. So I just need about a quarter of an ounce for that much water, and I will swirl that around.

    Like I said earlier in the segment on cleaning and sanitizing with the Star San, you don't have to soak the whole bucket, you just need to get in contact with all the surfaces that are going to touch the beer. So I'm going to use my bottling bucket to hold this sanitizer so I can sanitize my other equipment.

    I'm going to pour that out; I make sure that it touches all the surfaces. Got a little bit through the spigot on the fermentor, and our fermentor is sanitized. I'm also going to use the strainer, so I want to make sure that; that's sanitized and my airlock, toss that into the sanitizer, and the fermentor lid.

    I am just going to use a little measuring cup to scoop some of this sanitizer out. Now within 15 to 30 seconds, this will be all sanitized, very easy. Alright, so our wort is boiled for almost 30 minutes now. I am going to put some water into the fermentor first, and then I'm going to transfer from the kettle into the fermentor with the cold water.

    Now I have already pre-boiled this water, so the water is all sanitized. Add about three gallons now, and if I need to top it up, I can top it up afterwards. And this fermentor actually has some markings on the sides, so I know how full I am going. That's just about three gallons right there.

    I have got my sanitized strainer which I will use to strain out the hops from the kettle. You see the strainer has got some foam from the sanitizer, that's perfectly fine, there's nothing wrong with that. It won't hurt the beer; it won't add any flavor to it. So we have got our kettle which we boiled for 30 minutes. The reason for boiling for so long is that hops need to be boiled in order to bring out the bitterness from it. It also sanitizes the wort and it drives off some off-flavors that you can have from the grains.

    So we can just take this, and we'll just pour this right through that strainer and that will take the hops out. You don't want the hops going into the fermentor. Alright, that's all of the wort in there. Right about four gallons, so I'm going to top up the fermentor to five, because we are doing a five gallon batch. And that's how you brew beer. So in our next segment, we'll talk about managing fermentation.