Broccoli Beef Stir Fry

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Try this versatile, heart healthy stir fry and include your favorite protein – beef, chicken, shrimp, lean pork or tofu. A delicious meal your whole family will love!

    Female Speaker: We are making broccoli beef stir-fry, which is loaded with the flavors you love, but with less sodium than most restaurant foods. So, lets get cooking.

    What I really love about this recipe is not only is it good for you and delicious, its super versatile as you can use all different types of protein in place of the beef. You can swap in chicken breast, shrimp, lean pork, or even tofu. All of those can be heart healthy substitutions for this meal. But today we are using beef, and specifically I have one pound of lean sirloin steak, and I have already cut away any visible white fat.

    Now I am going to slice across the grain like this into one quarter inch slices. Okay, so now I am going to cut these slices into two-inch pieces so that they will cook up quickly. Now, I am going to set aside the beef as we make our marinade.

    Start the marinade with one tablespoon of corn starch, one tablespoon of low or less sodium soy sauce, two tablespoons of sherry, white wine, or red wine, one quarter of a teaspoon of sugar, one-half teaspoon of honey.

    Now, I am going to mix that together really well until the cornstarch and sugar are dissolved into the liquid. Now, its time to flavor the beef.

    I am going to put this into a plastic bag, using my tongs and then I am going to carefully pour the marinade into the bag like so. I am going to gently mix the beef with the marinade from outside of the bag to make sure that all of the pieces are being marinated. I am going to put this bag in a shallow bowl just in case it leaks and pop it into the refrigerator as it marinades for about 30 minutes.

    So while our beef is marinating, I can start cooking the broccoli. First, I am going to add five tablespoons of water to this skillet, cover it, and bring it to boil. So, the water is boiling, lets add our broccoli. I have two pounds of broccoli here. I have chopped up the florets and for the fix stem I have peeled it and cut it into quarter inch slices. I am now going to add all of it to the skillet, I am going to bring it to a boil again, and then cover it. reduce the heat to medium and let the broccoli steam for about five minutes.

    So, our broccoli is done. Its tender but it still has a little crunch to it. I have placed it along with its cooking liquid in this bowl for when its time to add it to the stir-fry. And our beef is done marinating, so its time to pull together this entire dish.

    Okay, so now I am using the same skillet, I cooked the broccoli in, and you see, I have already coated it with cooking spray, and placed it over a medium-high heat. Now, I am going to add in our beef with its marinade and the three minced garlic cloves, and I am just going to let that sit and sear for about one minute before I start to stir.

    I am going to start stirring, thats why they call it stir-fry, and I am going to keep stirring frequently until the beef is no longer pink and just about cooked through. So, the beef is just about cooked, and Ill in the broccoli and saved cooking liquid. I am going to keep stirring all of that together for about a minute to let the broccoli heat back up, and we are going to add one last ingredient, of a cup of low-sodium chicken broth.

    Its essential to bring the sauce bake to a rolling boil, then lower the heat to a simmer to reduce th potential spread of bacteria. Ill just keep stirring that until the sauce thickens up a bit.

    I hope you and your family get to enjoy making and eating this healthy version of broccoli beef stir-fry for dinner some time sooner than later. Enjoy!