Budgeting for an Online Education

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dean Gwen Hall discusses how to budget for your online education.

    Gwen Hall: Hi! I'm Gwen Hall, Dean of the School of Security and Global Studies for American Public University System.

    Today I'm talking about how to budget for your online education. As you research online university options, be sure you know the total cost of the program. Always check all the cost including both tuition and fees. The total cost of an undergraduate degree at some online institutions is actually lower than that of an average four-year state university.

    Online programs typically require a shorter time to graduate. By learning online you might be able to take on a greater workload each semester than you would in a traditional learning environment. Because you don't have to travel and you can manipulate your class schedule, the time you save can be less time spent earning the degree.

    Online learning by its very nature also reduces cost for books and materials. In an Internet-oriented class students have a much better chance of getting the option of using online tools, rather than books that must be purchased and possibly never used again.

    Since online learning requires no room in board, the overall cost of earning a degree is often significantly less than that of a traditional university. Learning in your own environment can make a monitory difference, if it means you're more likely to pass the class and not have to pay to take it again.

    Online learning allows for students to learn at a pace, that's comfortable to them, and in an environment that is conducive for their money, thereby helping enhance their performance. Be sure to research any available financial add. Federal government and military tuition assistance plans apply equally to accredited online. Scholarships may also be available through the institution and external sources.

    I hope you found this series helpful in learning all you need to know about how to succeed at online higher education. Remember you can never be too picky; this is after all your future and your money. Take the time to investigate your options, so that you'll receive a well earned online learning experience that meets your specific needs.