Build a Closet – Taping and Finishing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Contractor Bill Frishman demonstrates how to tape and finish when building a closet.

    Bill Frishman

    Bill is president of BGB Builders, out of Haymarket, Virginia. BGB Builders specializes in Custom Homes, Detached Garages, Additions, Remodeling, and Commercial Projects. Since receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance in 1990, Bill has built over 250 homes and businesses in the Northern Virginia area. Some of Bill’s credentials include a Class A Contractors license, OSHA certification, and he is a Fairfax County certified land disturber. He also has extensive experience in land development, re-zoning, and bond release. BGB is fully licensed and insured. BGB Builders takes pride in building a strong foundation and quality home or business that will stand for generations to come.

    Bill Frishman: Hi! I am Bill with BGB Builders. Today our project is building a closet. Next step is the finishing of the Drywall. Lets look at this closet over here, that is a little farther along. I have already installed a corner beam. I have used Drywall nails about every 12 inches, its six inches staggered, so its every 12 inches on each side and it is staggered from side to side. Once you have installed your corner beam, you are going to use Drywall Tape for all the joints. Once you have installed the Drywall tape, you are going to apply three coats of Drywall compound, such as this, that you can find at any local hardware store. Now, I have already put on one coat as you can see here. I am going to apply a second coat with a six inch knife and nice even strokes. I am just going to apply the mud over what I have already mudded in. Then, you run the knife up the wall and catch every thing that falls of in your pan.

    You can see that finish is starting to look nice; that is called the Block Coat. I will do that every where that I have talked about: the joints on both sides of the corner beam. Once that coat dries, I can apply the skimcoat. Same thing, apply it to all the joints and the corner beam. The last step is going to be to sand the Drywall, which can be done with a Sanding Block. You can also buy a Sanding Pole with an attachment, so we can get to some of these hard to reach areas. Once I have finished that, I am ready for paint.