Build a Terrarium – Choosing a Container

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to build a terrarium and how to choose a container.

    Kacy Paide: Hi, my name is Kacy Paide of Small World Terrariums. Today I am teaching you how to make a Terrarium. This clip right here is going to explain how to select a terrarium container. Now there is a lot of diversity in the terrarium world as to what type of container you like it. Usually it has to do with what your personal taste is. Now there are many different types and the more classic style of terrarium is the one that's lidded such as these two. Now for a lidded terrarium once you get the soil and moisture content right, it's self watering and you don't really have to open it or water it all that often, they are actually pretty low maintenance. Now another terrarium container style is something small, these of course don't have lids. I like to shake it up sometimes and use something that's not glass but all in all, my favorite style is a glass container because I think the beauty of this craft is being able to see the variations in the layers at the bottom. Now another thing to know is that terrariums, they shouldn't have any drainage on the bottom. For the type of plant I use most of them are moisture loving and without drainage you are actually able to keep the moisture content pretty high which is important to keep these things alive.

    So my other favorite style of terrarium containers is just your classic fish bowl. Now this is a type of container that's fairly easy to find in all different shapes and sizes. These are all pretty much the same different size openings. This one is smaller of course, this one is finished, it's not a perfect circle but it sort of adds something interesting. Over here we have two different types of low wide styles. This one of course again is the style I love when this is full you will be able to see long layers of gravel and soil at the bottom. This is just a piece of Raku pottery that I found in the thrift store and a lot places and you will notice in this one I actually just kept one type of plant, this is only rabbit's foot fern whereas most terrariums house a few different styles of plants, and again this too has no drainage it's just a ham or piece of brass. So coming up next we will be talking about laying down the soil, layering it, mixing it, basically laying down the foundation for a healthy terrarium.