Building a Greenhouse – Shopping for Materials

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Paul Simon, Landscape Horticulturist with the National Gardening Association, shows you what to look for when shopping for materials for your greenhouse.

    Paul Simon: Hi, I am Paul Simon, Landscape Horticulturist with the National Gardening Association and today we are talking about how to build a small greenhouse and now we will discuss shopping for the materials you need for your greenhouse. Rather than write all the materials down that you need for your hoop style greenhouse in the video, you can visit our website at www.


    org for complete list and the illustration diagram to help you build your own hoop style greenhouse.

    First, let's talk about the framing materials that we need for our greenhouse. You'll need 12 36-inch long lengths of rebar, pre-cut these to 36-inch length at the time of your purchase if they sell them in longer lengths of 36.

    We'll also need 12 10-foot lengths of three-quarter inch schedule 40 PVC pipe, make sure that you have these pieces cut to 5-foot long segments. So you'll have a total of 24 pieces. You'll also need 5 12-foot long lengths of the three-quarter inch schedule 40 PVC pipe. You'll cut each of those into 3-foot 10-inch segments, so you'll have 15 pieces there. We'll also need 12 4-way connection PVC cross joints, 6 3-way three-quarter inch PVC T joints. We'll also need a canister of the PVC cement to connect all our PVC pipe together.

    For our end wall materials, we're going to need 4 4-foot8-foot exterior grade plywood sheeting. We are going to use this sheeting at one end of our greenhouse. When securing your end panels together, use 13 or 14 framing material. We'll also need one package of zip ties. We're going to need one new or used wood screen door and also two screen doors hinges; 13 or 14 lumber to frame our door opening. For our base frame, we're going to need 4 21010-foot long treated lumber.

    This is exterior grade treated wood and we'll use these 210s on each side of the greenhouse. We'll also need 4 2108 treated lumber exterior grade for the front and back end of our greenhouse and we'll need 4 galvanized plate brackets to connect our 210s together. In addition, we'll use three-quarter inch galvanized pipe clamps to connect our PVC frame to our 210 base frame material. You can also provide additional support to your base frame by securing it with steel corner plate brackets.

    Finally for our poly cover and securing materials, we are going to need 1 32-foot long100-foot long roll of polyethylene sheeting. We'll use this cover to cover the greenhouse. This item, you'll have to purchase online or from a local greenhouse supplier.

    In addition, we'll need 12 13 or 14 pine furring strips that we'll use to secure the poly film to the base frame surrounding our greenhouse. You'll need 1 box of 2-inch galvanized nails, one box of 3-inch long galvanized deck screws, one box of one-and-a-half inch galvanized deck screws, finally, a box of one-and-a-quarter inch galvanized deck screws. So those are the materials you need to build your greenhouse. Up next, I will talk about locating your greenhouse and constructing the foundation.