Business Casual Attire

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fashion experts David Boris and Brian Joyner discuss men’s business casual attire.

    David Boris: Hi, I am David of, the guys guide to getting a life. We are talking about what to wear for an event. This is not so much an event. This is more of what to wear when, business casual. A lot of guys screw up business casual and here is why. When you are at an office, you want to look professional. If you want to be taken seriously, you got to look like a man and not like an over-grown boy. So ball caps, sandals, shorts, jeans that are ripped, shirts that are hanging out all over the place or athletic wear is not going to pass for business casual, not in a real office, it is not. If you want to see what business casual looks like the right way, Brian is going to help demonstrate, you got to stop sending e-mail maybe. I know you are conducting business but now we have got to show some clothes. What Brian is doing here is he has taken a V-neck sweater that he can wear casually on the weekends or to the office and put it over a nice dress shirt and he is also putting it with a pair of khakis. Most guys own khakis. If you have a nice pair, again, no frays, no tears, no stains, you can wear a look like this at the office and be taken very seriously. What I am choosing to do is breakup a suit that I have where I am not going to wear the jacket, I am not going to wear a tie, but I am wearing a suit pants and a nice dress shirt to go with it. The whole point in this discussion is to say, "Look guys, you don't have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. You own probably a lot of the items that can make acceptable business casual.

    "So when you think about that, think about the types of things you have got that are nice and how they can pair together. You want to do nice shoes, so sport shoes and obviously, sneakers are probably not acceptable. Nice loafers, suede shoes are nice, lace-ups are good, nice boots are fine, but not motorcycle boots or the types of the Timberlands you might wear in a 12 foot snowfall. I love your timbs too, but not at the office my man. A couple of things you can do with your pants as well besides breaking up suit pants or going with khakis is you can do premium denim jeans, but again, depends on your office, depends on whether you are going to be taken seriously there wearing that or you can do a nice, in the wintertime, corduroys or wool flannel pants. Bottom-line fellows, if you want to be taken seriously, even if you are doing business casual and you work in a casual environment, bring your A-game, that way you will be treated like someone who is ready to move up, bright polo shirts. Brian wants me to mention one more thing you can wear on a summer time with your outfit at work and that is polo shirts. Thanks for the reminder.

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