Business Travel Tips for Women – Alternate Transportation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travel expert Kathy Ameche discusses alternate transportation.

    Kathy Ameche: Hi! My name is Kathy Ameche. I am the Author of 'The Woman Road Warrior'; a woman's guide to business travel. I am discussing how you can get the most of your business travel with the least stress. The majority of us make business trips by airplane but there are options which maybe more attractive for certain trips. Now, I am going to talk about these alternative forms of transportation that are available to business travellers. If you are travelling to a location that does not have a good public transportation system then you will most likely be renting a car. Try to find the best deal possible on a rental car by looking for deals on travel websites or you can check corporate rates through your employer or ask your client if they have one. Looking to discounts through associates like ABA, AAA, or AARP. The earlier you rent a car, the better, it's definitely supply and demand. One of my favorite ways to save money is to look for deals of airport property. A number of the large car rental agencies have locations at major hotels. Take a bus from the airport to the hotel instead of the bus from the airport to the car rental location. Once you have your car, be sure you have directions to your destination printed out or a general idea of where you are going before you leave the rental location. Also make sure the remote device that locks and unlocks the car door works before you leave. You don't want to have a defective car while travelling. When you have to take a cab always use a taxi at the airport or through a known agency if you can. Don't accept a ride from a random person that comes up to you at the airport. As far as getting to the airport is concerned, if you are planning on taking cab to the airport from a major city at rush hour, such as New York City, prearrange for pickup, otherwise you could find yourself waiting a long time. And in a smaller city where you may not be able to hail a cab on the street, you also need to prearrange a pickup. Taking a limo is typically cost prohibitive However, check with your client or your company to see if there is deal you could use. There might be a time where it makes more sense to arrange for a car for the day. In some instances the ride to the airport maybe so long where you may find that you will be taking a lot of taxis that it would make sense to secure a limo. When using public transportation, consider the risks. I know too many women who want to save money and take the bus or train to get around late at night. Your life is worth more than saving a few dollars. It's one thing if you know the city surroundings but I don't recommend it if you are a first time traveller to the city. Between cities, train maybe a viable alternative, especially in the East Coast Corridor. There are great options between let's say Washington DC and New York City. Taking a train can be much easier on you than getting to the airport, waiting around for the plane, the actual flight and then getting into the city. Most train depots are close to the downtown area which could save time, money, and wear and tear on your body. When deciding on transportation you should also look at domestic versus international travel differences. When you are travelling to an international destination, especially for the first time ask for suggestions and how to get from the airport and into the city. Usually, you have been on a long flight typically all night and you may not know the language of the country you are visiting much less the surroundings. The best option is to have the transportation issue resolved before you leave your home city, it gives you peace of mind. There are other safety concerns you should think about when you are in an unfamiliar city. You are specially vulnerable when a driver is taking you from point A to point B. So here is what I do now, I befriend the cab driver since taking limos can be cost prohibitive and when I leave my location I text my spouse, assistant, or friend the taxi number, time I left, where I left from, and where I am going. So those are some of the alternative forms of transportation available and safety concerns you should consider. Up next, I am going to talk about the basics of your hotel stay when travelling on business.