Buying a Car – Maintaining the Vehicle

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Auto Repair Expert John Neilsen discusses maintaining a newly purchased vehicle.

    John Nielsen: I am John Nielsen with AAA. We are talking about buying a car. In this segment we are going to talk about protecting your investment after the purchase.

    Before you leave, it's time to learn a little bit more about it. Sit down with your salesman at a new car dealer and ask them to explain some of the features and benefits. How to use the safety features, how to use the entertainment features, or perhaps even introduce you to the service manager where you will be taking your car for service under warranty.

    If you have purchased a used car, it might be a great time to sit down with the Approved Auto Repair shop that did the actual inspection on your car and ask them about features that you should know about. What should be expected in the maintenance of the vehicle and establish a relationship right there, that you can use long term in maintaining your car.

    When you get home, a couple of things that are really important is to read your owner's manual. I can't promise you that it's going to be the most thrilling piece of literature you have ever sat down with. But, it is really important to understand what exists in your vehicle, some features that you may not even be aware of, that are pretty cool and what's expected to maintain it to keep it in good running shape.

    A little bit of time invested right now in reading that owner's manual is going to protect your investment and allow you to enjoy it in the future as much as you did today with your new car.

    So that's the information on buying a car. We've provided you with wealth of information on how to negotiate, research a vehicle, and actually go through the purchase. We hope now that you have enjoyed the process and that you enjoy your new car.