Buying Gifts For A Gardener

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master Gardener William Moss discusses his favorite gift giving ideas for anyone with a love of gardening.

    William Moss: If you have a garden among your family or friends, then shopping for them is easy, you can make them happy with these gifts that every gardener needs and wants. Let's talk gardening gifts.

    First a cordless drill, every gardener needs to have a good cordless drill so that they can put up their hanging baskets or build their raise beds or there compost bed is just need to have a power tool in the garden makes the job that you have to do so much simpler.

    Now Second the lawn buddy, now this guy is great because you can sit on him in the garden and move around, it's saves your back and your knees, but it also has storage and you can put all the tools in as matter of fact if you are it buying for gift, you may as well as stock it with all of essential tool like the pruners, the trowels, gloves, seeds all that stuff you could put right in here and make it a really great gift.

    Now we come to compose inorganic fertilizers. Now these guys are really rich and good for the soil, really healthy, so this is one that every gardener will be happy to get and maybe they will even give you some of the flowers and produce that they grow in it as well the coming season.

    Your friends will be thrilled with these gifts that made gardening easier and more productive. Get out and grow.