Buying the Perfect Gift for Men

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Image consultant Celena Gill discusses how to buy the perfect gift for men, including the importance of looking at what they need and can use frequently.

    Salina Gill: I am Salina Gill. I am a professional image consultant and a personal shopper. Today, we are talking about how to buy the perfect gift? Right now, let us talk about how to buy for the man in your life?

    One thing to remember about buying for a man is usually what he needs and not what he wants. Think about those areas in his life that he has interest in, hobbies or something he needs for home or for work. Feel that void for him and he'll appreciate it so much more. For example, how about a handy man who likes to work around the house or just any man who likes to work around the house? Look at this great drill and it is a hundred piece fit set. Now, this should be the handy man's dream as what he needs if it fulfills most of the things he needs to around the house if not all and he will appreciate you so much for it or think about the things he really like to do in a free time, what they are so often at. If they are huge, for example, 0:58 Braven's fan, buy them a ticket to the game. They will enjoy it so much and you do not have to go with them if you do not want to, but if you want to go with them, buy two tickets, have a great time or even fix them up something from the game if they can not afford it. For example, a Limited Edition Football, budget accordingly with this. A signed Limited Edition Football, cumulative all these things of you, if you take him to the game too and you give him the ball, oh my God, you will the greatest person ever in their life. What about the techie in your life, who likes the new MP3 Player, the newest camera, the newest phone, the newest whatever, the newest gadget. How about something like an I-pod? It doesn't have to be disc type of MP3 Player, but something he can use while he runs, maybe while he works out, maybe while he is at work, maybe while he is taking the train, maybe while he is taking a walk, maybe while he is just sitting around the house lounging, but something that he would need and want to or for extravagant person in your life, who loves fashion or someone in need of a fashion upgrade, how about something like some cufflinks, very impressive. He will like them and it will also upgrade his look when he is wearing a suit or even a casual shirt with the blazer or some slack. Whatever the case maybe, he may need them and actually wants them. So you satisfy both need and desires. Also, think about special interests. What if your guy is, whether it is the man in your life, loves to read about culture, entertainment and world news? A subscription to a magazine would help with that. Time Magazine, great magazine, doesn't have to be this magazine; this is just a great example of a magazine that can fulfill all of those needs for him, all those information needs he has, or maybe someone with the special focus at fashion, something like Men's Vogue or GQ or Details, something that he can enjoy in his spare time or maybe when he has free time at work or maybe just lounging time, but something that fulfills both for him. It is not uncommon to buy a cuff for man, it is not really heard of, but is not uncommon. Surprise him with a new car, he may need a car. Maybe his old car is broken or need it repaired or maybe he just doesn't have a car, but I know that he will appreciate it. For the husband in your life, any of these gifts will do, but also you want to add some meaningfulness to it. You want to be something that evokes, remembering him, loving him and appreciating him. It could not mean the football, the tickets, the drill or the magazine, but something that reminds him of your love for him. When shopping for dad, give dad some time off. Dad has spent so much time taking care of you, give them some time off. How about some time that that covered a golf course that he has always been talking about for most of his life? How about framing his favorite shirt from his favorite player? You can also find out who is alma mater and buy him a ticket to the game, to the home coming, also give that jersey frame. Now, when buying for a boss, that can be tricky. Like I said before, find out what that person needs or wants; especially from their assistants; most of what they need and not what they want. You always have to find out because if you do not, you could buy the wrong gift and it can leave a really bad impression with your boss. Generally, when you buy for a male, think about what he needs. You can make some of the things that he want, but particularly what he needs. It's not always easy, but if you do all your research, you can find out what he needs and buy him the perfect gift.

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