Buying the Perfect Gift for Special Occasions

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Image consultant Celena Gill discusses how to buy the perfect gift for special occasions.

    I am Celena Gill. I am a professional image consultant and a personal shopper. Today, we are talking about how to buy the perfect gift. Right now, we are talking about how to buy a gift for special occasions and special events.

    Some special events in your life might include a wedding, a baby shower or even housewarming. These types of events are a little easier to buy for just they usually have a gift registry. If there is a gift registry, you can also always go to that registry either online or in the store, you can purchase that gift. You can know exactly what that person needs or wants. No questions asked; no room for error. Just pick up something on the registry and call it a day and they will be happy. Now, in those events, if they do not have a registry, you might need to do a little research. Find out some things they need for the baby, something they want for the house and maybe something they want after the wedding. A great, great gift if you do not what to get for somebody who has a registry is maybe a gift card and with the gift card, they can pick up what they need or what they want. You don't have to worry about as, oh, maybe they wanted this or maybe they wanted that. Just pick up a gift card, give it to them and let them go at it. They won't be dissatisfied. We have a special occasion in our life, which is a birthday. You have to do your research again. Find out what that person wants or needs, narrow that interest for that person and find that gift. A great birthday gift for someone would be something that they are interested in, maybe they like sports. For example, take it to a sporting game. It is also great gift for a Father or Mother's Day if you have father or a mother who is a sports fanatic. You always want to give them a day off. Something birthdays, special events, Mother's day, Father's day; other days of the year where there are special things happening in your family; even anniversaries give dad something like this for his anniversary. He will love it, but for those type of events, you kind of mix and match only to get a particular type of gift. For example, if that person likes books, give him one book or an ensemble of books, maybe a book that they need. This book happens to be about natural cures. Maybe a book that helps them with a personal development in their life, that still they want to develop. If they are avid book reader, get them some books or for something like anniversary or even Mother's or Father's Day, take a special picture; put it in a great frame; create a memory for your family. Especially for anniversary, if you are buying for your spouse, think of something that helps that person remember the love that you have for them. For a woman, usually a ring will not hurt. It will probably help you a lot. For a man, something that he needs; you don't have to buy him jewelry or cufflinks or a necklace; that maybe again, a ticket to a sporting event. I am telling you, you won't go wrong with most tickets for sporting events. For another special event like Valentines Day, maybe he will like perfumes, a gift basket, also for birthday or Mother's day or even Christmas. Christmas, maybe some incense. With these holidays and events, you can really play around with. You do not particularly have to get a special type of gift, just something they want or need, something that makes them happy and that will also make you happy. How about a graduation for that kid that's going off to college or off to a job or maybe that kid is just graduating from college, something they can do in their spare time. Maybe a game player but something that is significant of their achievement, but also gives them a little fun time, a little play time in their lives. Now, about some artwork; you might have a grad or a sculpture; you might have a grad who loves sculpture, who loves fish on a sculpture, who loves a little vase. This could be so many different things, but find out what that person wants and get it for him. Always put it in a nice package. You do not have to put in a big expensive wrapping, just take a bow and call it a day, but definitely put it in a package because you want to mark the occasion. Now, we are going to talk about buying thank you gifts for those people that help you in your life.