Buying the Perfect Gift for the Frequent Traveler

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Image consultant Celena Gill discusses how to buy the perfect gift for the frequent traveler in your life.

    I am Celena Gill. I am a professional image consultant and personal shopper and today, we are talking about how to buy the perfect gift. Right now, we are going to talk about how to buy for that frequent traveler in your life.

    When buying for someone who travels or who is the globetrotter, think about things that are easily accessible and compact, things they can stick in their luggage and pullout, they need to get searched or if they need to go through customs, they need to go through the security line or things they can pullout while they are traveling on a plane, train, bus, whatever mode of travel that they might be using. A thing about small things -- if they like to play games or watch movies maybe a game player like a PSP, you will have to buy a PSP or Nintendo DS, but something like this, where they can play games, they can watch movies, they can do all sorts of things, but it will definitely allow them to use their time creatively. They may not want to look out of the window all the time, but do something else with their time. If they already have one, how about buy them a carrying case? Something hard and compact, if they can protect their items and also carry other movies and games, but it is something that's small, easily compact, just stick in their bag and then go or even buy movies or games for them if they already have it also. I am sure they will appreciate a new game or a new movie, something that they haven't seen or played before while they are traveling. Also, if they like to listen to music while they are traveling, think about their favorite artist. You can pick up the latest CD, you can also make your own compilation of CDs or songs that they like. You can download them legally of course. Make them a gift CD, songs that remind them of where they have been or where they are going or even reminds them of you, also, something that they may do if they have a laptop or even a personal DVD player; buy them a new movie. They would appreciate that. Something to do, maybe something that is either just come out in the movies or something that they have longed to see, but they have not had a chance to see. Talking about laptops, now this would be your strapping gift, something special for someone special. A laptop is so very usable. They can work on it. Sometimes they will ask you on the internet depending on they are traveling, they can watch movies, they can listen to music, they get to do better things on it; their games on it or they can do non-work activities. They can do make up their own poems, write, whatever they like to do, but this would be great for that person who likes to do everything and also if it is in your budget, then this would be great for a frequent traveler.

    Something else that is always great for a frequent traveler, a little bag that they can put their stuff in and that is compact. For example, this bag carries the camera, which is also a great gift for a frequent traveler. They need to have memories and mementos of where they have been; so definitely a great gift for a frequent traveler, but also this bag opens up to hold their passport, ID, any money that they may need, any traveler's cheques, any credit cards. It is very compact, they can wear it over the shoulder at the airport, they can just sling it out when they go through security, but they do not have to do a lot. They do not have to carry, put in the briefcase, they do not have to put in the luggage or put in the purse, but something they can pullout when needed and if necessary and it folds right back up.

    When buying for that globetrotter, remember, compact, easily accessible and something that they will use while they are traveling. Now, we are going to talk about buying for the special occasion or for holiday.