Buying the Perfect Gift for Women

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Image consultant Celena Gill discusses how to buy the perfect gift for women, including budgeting and choosing a gift that fits a personality.

    Salina Gill: I am Salina Gill. I am a professional image consultant and a personal shopper. Today, we are talking about how to buy the perfect gift? Right now, let us talk about how to buy it for a woman.

    Remember one thing when buying for a woman; it's what she wants now what she needs. She doesn't want anything that plugs in. No power tools, nothing for the kitchen, nothing for the backyard, nothing for the bedroom, nothing for the living room, that means no vacuum cleaners, no mixers, no irons, no lawn movers, nothing that she can use to actually work with. Get something that she wants, that she desires; think about pampering her, helping her feel luxurious and elegant. You should be on a right track to buy the perfect gift for her. If you want to buy clothing for a woman, buy something that is timeless, not trendy. Think about a wardrobe stable, a trench coat, black high heels, cashmere sweaters or even a scarf. A very nice scarf is timeless. She can throw it on with almost any wardrobe and she can always remember you when she puts on that lovely scarf; but if she is trendy, because we have some very trendy women out there, find something that fits her trend, not something that fits the trend. If she likes cultural, ethnic, chunky bracelets, find her some cultural, ethnic, chunky bracelets. Also, if she has a particular interest, you can do something like get her a magazine subscription in the interest area. If she is a fashionist, something like Lucky Magazine are the great magazine for her, fashion tips, where to go, how to buy, everything. It would be a great gift for her. Now, if you really want to go all out about something completely extravagant and luxurious, you really need to look at your budget. For example, if you want to buy someone in your life, the woman in your life, a diamond ring, which is a great gift for any woman in your life, you can do it if you budget accordingly. She would love it if she likes jewelry. Or you can go all out, surprise her. How about she wakes up with some car keys, luxurious, elegant, unexpected, something she wants. Again, if she has another special interest, how about a fan, she is a big fan of Asian culture. Get her something that she really likes, something she wants. Remember, not what she needs. When buying for a spouse or girlfriend, try something phenomenal. Think about a special event that was special to both you and her. Maybe take her back there, go to a special dinner that where you first met or maybe where you had your first dinner. You could do something very creative like the first movie that you went to, save the tickets, frame them, put them in a special card or special holder that she will love it because, phenomenal and is very meaningful and you were thinking about her. When buying for mom, how about a day out at the spa, something that makes her feel good about herself and also pays her back for all of things that she has done for you in your life. A night on the town, a night at the opera, a night at a play, maybe just a night off, maybe just a day when you come and you do all the housework for your mom, that something that reminds her that she is still a woman and not just a mom. Buying for a boss can be tricky. You can buy any of the gifts that we have here, but you have to really be keen about your boss's interest. Talk to her assistant and find out what she likes. Vertical conversation is sometimes very tricky and deceitful. You may ask one of your coworkers and depending on what they are interested in or they desire in your position, you may get the wrong answer about what your boss really likes. The best way to find out what she really likes is to talk to her assistant; find out what she goes after work. Find out what she does, her hobbies and all those types of things and then you will be able to find that gift for your boss that will really make her happy and possibly keep your job or even get promotion.

    Next, we will talk about how to buy for men.