Buying the Perfect Thank You Gift

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Image consultant Celena Gill discusses how to buy the perfect thank you gift.

    Salina Gill: I am Salina Gill. I am a professional image consultant and a personal shopper. Today, we are talking about how to buy the perfect gift? Right now, we are going to talk about how to buy gifts to thank those people in your life who help you. People like the mailman, your manicurist, your massage technician, best child teacher, your own teacher, a special coach, the people in your life who assist you in your daily activities and help you to make your life better. Let's talk about the rules about giving thank you gifts to those people that help you. First, confirm the gift policy. Some employers don't allow their employees to receive gifts from customers. Check with the employer first to make sure you can give that person a gift. For example, did you know that mail carriers can't accept cash or things that can be traded for cash? So, don't put a tip in your mailbox for your mailman or your mailwoman. They may get in trouble. Also, budget accordingly; think about their frequency of the service, the quality of the service and how long you have known that person. Think about the relationship that you have with that person. If it is a close relationship, you might want a best and a better gift, but for someone you just met, you might not give them a gift at all, but maybe a better tip; maybe a manicurist, may be a bigger tip at holiday time, but think about the quality and nature of your relationship with that person before you buy that gift. Also, do not give them a gift in their field. A masseuse doesn't need a spa retreat, someone who stands on their feet all day like your hair stylist, does not want someone who can mess with her hair. She needs to relax. A teacher does not need a teaching manual. Give them something out of their field that they would enjoy to keep their mind off of their job. For example, maybe for your child's coach, give him hat, maybe it signifies his favorite sports team. If he is a tennis coach, maybe a baseball, maybe football or maybe something another sport that he enjoys, but you can also remember this, when you give it to him or even her, it's the female coach. Maybe for your manicurist, if you do not want to give a bigger tip, if you just have to give a big tip, maybe just a gift card and let him or her get what they want, but don't give them a manicure; they do that all day; they can do that for themselves. Do something for them that they can not do for themselves. What about your child's teacher; don't give them an apple or a knickknack. They get knickknacks all year around. They don't need anymore knickknacks; they don't need any fruit baskets, they don't need perfume or lotion, guarantee, they have it already. Instead of giving a small gift for your teacher; how about going there with the parents in your classroom, and getting a class gift, something really nice. It could be something like a really, really nice scarf. Maybe good or nice, maybe something extravagant and maybe just a really nice little cashmere scarf or pashmina, but something they can appreciate, or something that it's not just a knickknack or something they can just put away in their closet for later.

    Maybe for the mechanic in your life, maybe a nice book; he or she may love to read while they are not fixing on cars; but think of gifts that help them get away from their job, not remind them of it and if you have a stressful job; a coworker might like something to help relieve the stress. How about some music, it is relaxing and soothing music, that can put on when they are stressed or maybe some tension balls to help them relieve their stress; but remember, give them something out of their field, budget accordingly and always confirm the gift policy before you give the gift, so they wont get in trouble. Now, we are going to talk about the rules of re-gifting.