Cake Decorating – How to Crumb Coat

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master cake decorator Sandy Sheppard demonstrates how to crumb coat your cake.

    Sandy Sheppard: Hi! I am Sandy Sheppard, a master cake decorator, and I am here to show you today how to crumb coat a cake, what s crumb coating. Its simply putting on a layer of icing that is thin, and seals in the crumbs. When you have tried to ice a cake in the past, you have probably noticed that it crumbles very easily and you end up with all this lovely cake crumbs in your icing. To avoid that its simple enough to take your icing and first spread on a thin layer of icing. But you will see those crumbs pulling up here and there; look at those crumbs just moving along. Thin coat of icing, which will help seal in the crumbs, I have spread it around on the top of the cake. Now, I want to make sure not to get the crumbs down into my icing bowls So, I am going to scrape it around this nice cleans side, grab some clean icing. I am going to go ahead and grab that icing because I can use those crumbs here, that doesnt matter. I am going to hold my spatula at a slight angle, as I work around the side of the cake, and just press the cake, press the icing not the cake. Press the icing and push it around as I go. You might find it easier to work in front of yourself, but I am trying to do this for you at home, I am on the camera, so I am working across for myself. Alright. Make sure that you get that cake, the icing covering the cake all the way down to your cake circle, so that it will seal it in nice all the way. Cakes natural enemy is air, so this also helps to protect it from the air that would dry it out or allow germs to come in and settle and then grow. There we go, we have our cake crumb coated thats what we wanted to achieve.