Cake Decorating – How to Put Icing on

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master cake decorator Sandy Sheppard demonstrates how to put icing on your cake.

    Sandy Sheppard: Hi! I am Sandy Sheppard, a master cake decorator, and now that I have got my cake crumb coated, I am going to show you how to ice your cake. Normally when I crumb coat my cake, I let it set for at least an hour or so that it is dry to the touch and that sealed in those crumbs nicely, so that when I ice it, it wont pull that icing off again or pull those crumbs back to the surface.

    I have got my icing and my angled spatula and the first thing I do and this always freaks out my students, is I put a large amount of icing on top of the cake. Now, it is not going to all stay on the cake, but it makes it easier when you are icing a cake, if your pushing icing and not reaching the cake. So, I have got a nice pile of icing on the cake and I am going to start pushing it and as you see, it will go near the edge and right on down the edge of the cake and I am just going to smooth that, push that gently right on down around the side, until I have got the top of the cake covered.

    Now, I am going to work on the sides of the cake. I will use some of that icing that is hanging over the edge, as well as adding on a little bit more and I am just going to push that icing along. Now, I dont know if you can see this, but I am actually holding my spatula slight angled to the cake not flat to the surface but add an angle, so that I can push that icing and it gives the room for the icing to move along in front of the spatula. Whenever you started to run out of icing in front of your spatula, make sure to stop and reload it and add it on. Yes, you are thinking I havent taken off any of that icing I told you I would, just give me a minute here.

    Okay. I should probably use my bigger turntable, thats alright. I dont want to see a shadow on my cake when I am decorating it and this is what I call a shadow; when part of the cake shows through that icing. All you need to do to correct that is, go back and add a little bit more icing in that place, before you start to smooth out your icing.

    I am going to start now smoothing the icing that I have got on the cake because I got it all spread on there fairly nice and I start at the edge opposite myself and pull it across the top and turn my little turntable around and continue that. Little crumb manages to get to the top. Now, my working with chocolate cake and chocolate is the crummiest cake. Its the also the yummiest cake. Alright. I am just taking a hold of that icing and bring it around until I get a nice smooth top to the cake. I am going to clean up this icing a little bit around the bottom. Oops! I missed the bottom edge there even. Lets pull that icing down to the bottom edge as well.

    Once I have got the icing on the side of the cake then I want to smooth it and this is simply done by turning your turntable and pulling along. You see this big pile of icing I have got on the side of my bowl, all of that has come back off of the cake. So, even though I put a lot on to begin with, now I am taking a good bit of it off. Anytime your spatula starts to get a good bit of icing on it that is the time to scrape it off so you wont go too far.

    Now, I am just cranking it back across the top because sometimes forms a little crust at the top edge and I am pulling that back towards the center to smooth it again, so that it all blends in. I worked at local bakery for many years and to them that was a finished ice cake they were ready to decorate it, but thats not quite the way I wanted to look. First of all, I got a couple more shadows here, I noticed I scraped my icing off; I pulled it a little too thin. I wanted those to get nicely covered and there is a dark chocolate crumb sticking right there in the cake, lets get that out of the way. A lot of times when you decorate a cake, you can cover up crumbs. So, if you get just a couple of little arrant crumbs, you could probably ignore them. I am going to re-smooth that and there we go and my favorite technique works only with the type of an icing that dries to the touch, like mine does. It takes at least five minutes to let it dry. So, I will show you that technique on another video, but this is how to ice a cake smooth with a spatula.