Cake Decorating – Part Two

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master cake decorator Sandy Sheppard demonstrates how to make sweepies on your cake.

    Sandy Sheppard: Well lets add some flowers on to this, how about some sweepies. I need to get an icing bag ready; I have a parchment cone here. You can use scissors or just simply tear the tip off. I tend to tear it because thats quick and easy and I am going to drop in my rose tip. This is a no. 104 rose tip. You want to make sure that the tip is not covered up by any of the paper and I do have a little bit right there. So, I will fix that by taking it down just a little bit more. I have got some yellow icing, this is a vibrant yellow icing. I am just going to fill this parchment cone by putting in the icing and I have my thumb on the outside here, and I just rub that spatula against my thumb, as I pull it up. To close the parchment bag, always make sure that the icing is not so full that when I fold the top of the bag over that there will be icing there. If there is icing above this paper, if I can only fold it half way over the icing, I will have icing squeezing out at the top of my tube and that makes it messier than I would like it to be.

    So, fold down the front in the center, I have to turn for you to see this, and then I fold down one corner, and I take the other corner slightly crease it, fold it down. This forms a nice little pocket right here and I like to try and get a point and fold it and tuck it down in the pocket, and there we go.

    Now, I am going to show on this little board here, what I am going to do on the cake, but I am going to set the tip down on the surface and squeeze and let the icing flow out when it reaches the board or the cake surface, I will stop my pressure and pull away and I am going to add another petal just like that to the right and to the left. Do the first one with my flower tip straight up and down, my rose tip, and then that one I angled it to the left and the other one, I angled it outwards to the right. So that I end up with a three little petal flower, this flower is generally called a sweepy. I am just going to add these in here. These are quick and easy to do, and thats why I am using them on the video today. You dont need to put a flower on every stem, and you may want to use a few flowers right along the long stems, instead of at the end of the stems. Just to fill in your space very nicely. I have got my flowers. I am going to add some leaves in a minute, but before I do that since I have this nice rose tip in my hand, I am going to add some borders on the sides of the cake. Now, I was taught that every cake should have three borders, the top border, a bottom border and something on the sides or a side border, and I have this nice rose tip. So, what I am going to do is make a garland.

    Now, I have turned this tip over and I have got the wide end of the tip up towards the top edge of the cake, and I am just going to simply scoop along, and add a nice garland to brighten up the sides of the cake. See there we go. I am going to come back and pick up my star tip here and put some shells around the bottom border, but you might want to see how those are done. The shell is worked at a 45 degree angle, not a 90 degree angle like I did my stars, but the shells are go with a nice heavy pressure at the beginning and build it up and then ease it off to a nice little tail. I continue in a nice little row, and thats what I am going to do around the bottom edge of the cake.