Cake Decorating – Writing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master cake decorator Sandy Sheppard demonstrates how to write with icing to decorate your cake.

    Sandy Sheppard: This is writing tip, this happens to be a number three writing tip and I have got this icing just a little bit softer than my regular consistency. I have added about a half a teaspoon of water to maybe a half a cup of icing to soften it slightly. In order to write with the tip, you are going to start by squeezing out a little bit of icing and letting it touch the surface, and then as you write, I want you to keep your arm lifted off the table, and use your whole arm in the motion of writing, instead of just your hand. Alright. As I said, I touch the icing to the surface and then I begin to make my letters and at the end of each line or segment, you stop again and touch it back to the surface. I cant do this upside down for a camera, so you are going to have to see Happy Birthday upside down. If your icing breaks slightly, you just go back and patch it, like I just did, and continue.

    Touch to the surface and lift. If you have that icing tip lifted off the surface, you can control where you are going to go with it, and keep it moving. Alright. I didnt want to do that, so we are just going to move it right back over there. Remember, to cross your Ts and dot your Is as you write your letters. Printing is the same technique, let me put this on the white and see if that green shows up even better. Printing is the same technique except you are going to start and stop each line by touching it to the surface. So, I start it and stop it and then of course cross the letters. So, each time you get to a corner, you are going to stop or the end of a line you are going to stop and touch it back to the surface.

    Alright, like that. Practice it just like anything else and you can become very good at it. Also, when you are writing something, use your own normal handwriting, dont try to get too flowery, unless thats your normal style because it wont look as nice, if you are not accustomed to it, and then you can have fun with it.